Top Universities That Offers Free College Education

Many of us are dubious about the concept of free online colleges. Well, Students’ tuition is covered under the program of free online education. It is not offered to all the students but to some of the students that need it and qualify for it. Many students qualify for free tuition every year while most students pay for college. Some many colleges and universities will permit you to take a college education and where you can get your degree for little to no money. To qualify for college you must possess some specific talents.

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 A big thanks to the founders of these schools, colleges as well as to those who donate in the name of education to provide free and better education to people who can’t afford such big debts. So if you are looking for free online colleges or courses, Here’s the solution. Check out the list given below and choose according to your interest in a specific subject. 


It is the first American philanthropic, tuition-free online university providing access to higher education globally. University of people provides degree programs in Computer Science, Business Administration, Education, and Health Science. For all the online college courses, course materials available, or annual enrollment, this university does not charge anything from students. They only charge minimal processing fees to keep the university running.


PDMF University is also a non-profitable university that does not charge any fees but a little one to run its university smoothly. PDMF University is truly an online university that provides you to study anywhere possible. All the programs offered by them are in online mode in collaboration with, IIC UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, CAMBODIA. They provide you education irrespective of your location and status.


ODL is one of the ways to earn a college course that is equivalent to classroom delivered courses. ODL allows you to complete a course within six months, which includes online examinations too. Anyone can enroll in these courses but the student of LSU campus has to take permission before enrolling in it. Subjects included in it are business, Arts, Engineering, Humanities and many more. 


The University in addition to the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study has twelve degree-granting Schools. In the United States, Harvard is the oldest institution of higher education. Here students can choose online free courses without paying a penny and if they wish to receive a verified certificate they can pay a little and get it. Here are just a few courses: Shakespeare’s Life and Work

  • Justice
  • The Health Effects of Climate Change

5. California Institute of the Arts

This institute has ranked 20th Worldwide for its Art designs. This school provides several different courses. Some of them you may enjoy are:-

  • Graphic Design Specialization: This course is a six-month course that teaches you fundamental skills that are needed for graphic design. 
  • Sharpened Visions: A Poetry Workshop: In this ten-hour course, you will study a range of poems by which you can learn poetic terms and devices. The poems would be of both modern and contemporary poets. You will also get the opportunity in which you can write your poems and get feedback from professionals.

Best Online Courses To Enroll Now!

EdX popularly known as MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses, is an online education provider that offers online courses from top universities and other institutions all around the globe. Edx offers free courses such as subjects including history, law, science, engineering, business, computer science, social science, artificial intelligence (AI), and public health. EdX provides you with three certificates based on your time and knowledge given to the course. 

These three are the MicroMasters Certificate, Professional Certificate, and the XSeries Certificate. The  Professional certificate shows that you have mastered certain skills which will provide you with more opportunities. The XSeries certificate shows that you can acquire an in-depth knowledge of a subject.


The University of Cambridge with its partnership with Apple has created its tuition-free college which is available in iTunes U.  These free online courses are compiled from public videos, lectures, and other educational costs. The subjects included in these free online courses are art, science, philosophy, and many more. However, issuing any type of certificate or diploma with these online colleges is not possible.

This university also uses the EdX platform to provide online courses to students. The same goes in this case that if you do not need a certificate then Edx will educate you free of cost but if you want a certificate then it will charge you a slight amount of money. The subjects included in these courses are Data Science, Robotics, Psychology, Artificial Intelligence, And Python Analytics.

  • Massachusetts Information of Technology

MIT college is a land grant college that is famous for its scientific and technological training and research. MIT offers both undergraduate and graduate education to the students. The subjects included in this are engineering and the physical sciences, notably economics, political science, urban studies, linguistics, and philosophy. Audio-video lectures and online textbooks are provided to you but there is no offer to issue a certificate to the candidate, but will surely provide you with a piece of immense knowledge.


Here you go! I hope the list of free online colleges and courses available with and without certificates helped you to select the desired college. All these were founded and are held by a non-profitable organization that helps students to grow and grow more without paying out of pockets. Students can remain home and study with these online colleges and courses available.

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