Security guard graduates with LLB Degree

Security guard graduates with LLB Degree

Richard Bwalya, a security guard at IIE MSA, formerly known as Monash South Africa, and now a leading brand of The Institution of Independent Education (The IIE), has proven that hard work, never giving up on your dreams and determination does pay off. Bwalya graduated with a University of South Africa (UNISA) Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree on the 19th of November 2019.

Richard Bwalya achieved six distinctions. When asked what the achievement meant to him, Bwalya said, “I am very excited about the prospect of working in the legal field. I used to take my books to and from work, and I would study in the taxi as well. I would also use the quiet time during my night shift after my routine campus patrol to study. To me, this achievement means that I am a step closer to being able to provide for my family financially, and I look forward to those days.”

In a social media video that has since gone viral, a humble and optimistic Bwalya is seen giving words of encouragement to students who might be still on their educational journey or who are considering studying again after some time. “This is just an encouragement to all students who are studying here. It is easy if you study every day, do your homework and then take your exams. For myself, it was not always that easy, but I kept pushing, and God has been good to me, and I succeeded,” explained Bwalya in the video. An IIE MSA student shared the video.

The student who shared the video is heard sharing in the excitement with Bwalya and further expresses how proud she is of what Bwalya has accomplished. Another student commented, “I remember him. I remember he’d also be studying while working the night shift at the library. So proud of him.”

“Education and continual learning throughout one’s life is a cornerstone of career success. We exceptionally proud of Richard Bwayla for his commitment to furthering his studies while working a full-time job. His determined attitude and desire to succeed is an inspiration to our students and will encourage others to continue their lifelong studies. At IIE MSA we encourage our students to shape their futures, and we believe Richard is doing so,” explained André Lubbe, Campus Head, IIE MSA.

The next step in Bwalya’s journey towards becoming a legal practitioner involves him looking for a job placement where he can complete his articles and after that, write his board exam.

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