Is the Graduate Pathway Programme for an MS beneficial?

Is the Graduate Pathway Programme for an MS beneficial?

Germany has been crowned with the feat of being the start-up hub of Europe, thanks to the innumerable entrepreneurial gigs being launched in the country every year. However, that is not all Germany has to its credit. The country is also famous for being the origin of many top names in the business world, its delectable food, high quality of education, rich culture and breathtaking heritage sights. Students from different spots of the globe are venturing into Germany to acquire professional degrees and forge a successful career. In fact, the success of the nation as a rapidly growing economy has put forward the German language as a medium of communication across top organisations.

While there are many universities in Germany that offer English-taught languages, learning German is still a good idea if you want to pursue a programme or work in the country. This blog will focus on the advantages of learning the German language and help you understand how choosing a pathway programme can help you get admitted to top universities in the country.

Advantages of learning German

  • It’s popular: German is one of the most spoken native languages in the whole of Europe, with over 95 million native speakers to its credit. It is the official language in six countries across the globe, including Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Liechtenstein and of course, Germany.
  • Easy to learn: Individuals who are proficient in English will find it easier to learn German as compared to other languages. One interesting fact not many are aware of is the German and English belong to the same family tree! Both languages come under the Germanic branch of the Indo-European language family. In fact, many of the German words and expressions are used commonly in the English language, such as kindergarten, angst and many more. If you look closely, many of the basic English words are similar to their German counterparts. For instance, “friend” is spelt “Freund” in German.
  • Hotspot for start-ups: Many entrepreneurial endeavours are taking shape in the German nation, giving other technologically advanced countries a run for their money. Germany boasts of being the place of inception of several top organisations, starting from the automobile giant of Audi to Siemens, which is the largest manufacturing industry in Europe.
  • Career opportunities: The growing technological and economic development of Germany has had a positive influence on the employment opportunities available for skilled professionals. Learning the German language will make it easier for you to acquire roles in the German job market.

Why should you choose a Graduate Pathway Programme?

  • Skill development: Learning a new language is not only advantageous academically but also in making you more open to learning new things. Opting for a Graduate Pathway Programme can help you develop necessary student skills before you are ready to start your undergraduate or postgraduate programme.
  • Student-specific: The idea of introducing a Graduate Pathway programme is to help international students bridge the language gap that is preventing them from entering the university or enrolling for the education programme of their choice. The programme is designed to help students learn the new language as well as to adapt to the new culture and easily interact with the German locals.
  • Improve your math skills: Gateway pathway programmes are not confined to improving your German proficiency but also help you develop important mathematical skills that can secure a position for you in reputed universities.

German institutions are known for offering exceptional quality of education and a global learning environment for students. This has greatly contributed to the increase in international students’ footfall in Germany. If you want to study at a reputed German university and not knowing the German language is the only hurdle in the way, you can opt for a Graduate Pathway Programme. Enrol for this foundation programme today and let nothing stop you from acquiring the best education.

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