Importance Of English Speaking In Migration

Importance Of English Speaking In Migration

If a student from India wants to study in any other western countries such as the USA where English the language for communication is necessary, then he has to take care of many things after careful selection of country like passport validation, student visa approval, accommodation in that country, budgeting and finances, etc. Apart from all these things, there is one more thing which is very important and that is IELTS certificate which shows the ability of the person that how well he can handle English which will help him to survive in this country and this certificate is also demanded in many places such as, by the immigration clearance department or by the institution in which candidate has applied for admission. 

To get this certificate, any candidate has to take the IELTS test, which is conducted every year and the test is of two types, Academic and General and if a person going abroad only for studies then he will have to take an IELTS Academic test. There are total 4 parts of this exam which are writing, reading, speaking and listening out of which both listening and speaking parts are common for both category general and academic, where speaking exam consist of IELTS speaking part 1, part 2 & part 3 and the same writing and reading parts are different for both categories because these two are designed according to the purpose behind the candidate’s migration.

Brief on IELTS Speaking Test:

The reason for having the IELTS Speaking Test Common for both General and Academic students is whether the candidate is going for a job or going abroad for his studies, for both reasons, there is not much difference in English speaking and that is why students of both categories can find out their English speaking ability through the same exam. Under IELTS speaking part 1, the examiner asks some introduction based questions from the candidate and this conversion is a kind of interview between the examiner and candidate under which all the given answers of the student are recorded and based on that, their English speaking ability is judged. Part 1 hardly takes the time of 11-14 minutes. If the periods of Part-1, Part-2, and Part-3 are combined along with other 3 sections, then the duration of the entire speaking test is 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Under IELTS speaking part 2, the examiner gives a card to the candidate on which the name of a topic is written and the student is given 1 minute to prepare on that topic. After which he/she has to give a 2-minute speech on the same topic and later the examiner asks some questions related to the topic based on the speech given. Under the same IELTS Speaking Part 3, some questions are asked to students again on the topic given in Part 2, the candidate is given some flexibility here, due to which he/she can share his/her ideas or issues a little more related to the topic. But the base of the part 3 exam is IELTS speaking part 2.

Reason Behind Migration:  

In today’s world, every person wants to progress and that is why he is always looking for an opportunity but when there is a lack of opportunities around a person, then he has to come out of his comfort zone to hunt the opportunities. The same condition also applies in India because if we look at the global platform, changes are happening in the field of technology, infrastructure, education and other fields with very fast speed and all these changes can also be observed in India but this is not happening at the speed with which it is happening in the rest of the Western or developed countries and that is one of the biggest reason that in today’s era youth of India want to go out for higher education and work in the country like Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, USA, Canada, Trinidad, and Tobago, etc. There can be many more reasons, due to which people like to go out from here to work or study.

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