11 Engaging Online Learning Tools For Children

Eleven Engaging Online Learning Tools For Children

The digital revolution in the sphere of education has dispelled the myth that technology distracts students. At present, teachers and educators emphasis more on harnessing the power of technology to engage the students.

In the process, children feel more encouraged to utilize various online tools that help them to accomplish tasks. Whether they are working on an essay, a science project, or solving math, there are multiple resources and tools available to make the process more exciting for the students.

  1. Edmodo

This multi-platform learning tool is perfect for encouraging students to participate in active learning. Through this resource, they can share content, have a dialogue, and even get their parents involved.

The application comes with some exciting set of features including collaboration-enabling functions like Learning Communities and Discussions. Such features have prompted millions of teachers and young students to adopt Edmodo. It is indeed one of the most popular free education tools available on the internet.

  1. Prezi

Making presentations are often a vital part of any course curriculum, but PowerPoint can be quite boring. Prezi allows the students to prepare eye-catching presentations, which serve as a better alternative to PowerPoint.

Needless to say, this resource makes the process of preparing the presentation more interesting for students. Additionally, Prezi presentations are uploaded on students’ accounts, so their classmates can access them later to check their notes.

  1. Vyew

Vyew is an interactive whiteboard. It has gone through some major upgrades since its inception. With its help, not only can you create a collaborative whiteboard online, but you can also upload documents and pictures and write over them. You can also have a discussion around them, and more.

You can go through the “What is Vyew” video on their home page to learn more. The free version only lets a small set of users (10 real time participants). It can work well if you set up multiple separate groups.

  1. Bounceapp

Share, review, and notate any web page with Bounceapp. This tool makes it rather convenient to grab a web page screenshot and prepare notes on it. The notes you take can be sent to others as well.

The users can share their ideas on a website through this tool by checking, annotating, and then sharing their work.

  1. Trello

Since many students have the habit of multitasking, good skills at organising and simplifying their assignments are something they must be familiar with.

Trello is a simple and free tool that students can use to prepare workflow charts. Multiple students can be added at once to the same board.  In fact, it serves as a great resource for collaboration on projects.

  1. Textbook revolution

The digital transformation has encouraged a sharp increase in the number of educational sites out there. Some of these sites are devoted to offering users with access to free textbooks.

Textbook Revolution is one such incredible resource. It may not have received as much attention as other similar types of sites; it’s still a brilliant place to search for free educational resources. Presently, the site provides access to dozens of textbooks, in multiple topics from Chemistry to English. Many prolific assignment help organisations recommend this tool.

  1. Saylor

While there are multiple websites that offer free online courses to students these days, Saylor is one incredible resource that’s been largely unnoticed. Formed in 2008, the site presents close to 250 free courses online, on a wide variety of disciplines. Apart from taking classes, learners can also take part in discussion forums, track courses and print out transcripts. They may even be able to access free textbooks.

  1. Twiddla

Twiddla presents a simple to use and a collaborative online whiteboard. This “no setup web based meeting playground” is a breeze to operate. It allows the students to invite their classmates and collaborate simply by hitting the GO button.

This tool also comes with an excellent set of tools. You can include images, web pages, or document as a background to markup. It also has a colour palette tool, a shapes tool, pen width tool, and texts can also be inserted. There’s even a built-in chat option.

  1. Kahoot!

Kahoot! is an extremely engaging resource that students can use to prepare for classroom assessments and quizzes. This is incredibly helpful for collecting data for graphing assignments, or for researching essay papers, and receiving feedback from the classmates. Kahoot! is compatible with different devices and has a game-like feel that will allow the students to maintain their interest in their studies.

  1. Alison

Alison presents free online courses and certification through 400 different disciplines in 10 different course categories. This site assists people from all across the world to earn certification in topics like psychology, legal studies, project management, and human resources. All content is free, but you’ll have to pay a nominal amount to get a copy of your certification.

  1. Scitable

Scitable, developed by NatureEducation, is a collaborative resource for learning science. Visitors to this website can browse and scan through articles and ebooks from the field of science, ask questions to the experts, create an online classroom, or even share their own assignments. Materials on the site are focused on life sciences, but there are numerous resources that can help learners start a career in science.

Wrapping it up,

These tools are exceptionally useful for students trying to stay ahead in competition with their peers. With the help of these tools, students can sail through their academic pursuits. Here’s wishing you all the best for your academic pursuit.

Author Bio: Naira Miller is a visiting faculty in a renowned academic institution in Australia. She has pursued her Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Queensland. She has been associated with many philanthropic organizations. She is also a part of Assignmenthelp.com.sg working as an academic expert.

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