Different Types Of Wedding Photography Styles

Different Types Of Wedding Photography Styles

Now the time has gone of the old fashioned weddings where everything used to be traditional still very simple. But now as we all see around us, people prefer for big fat weddings. They spend a lot of money for making the marriage days beautiful and memorable. The most important part of keeping the marriage captured is done by photographers. They are being hired to capture all the small events to main weddings. Now a days youngsters are very much interested in this sort of work. Now photography is not old fashioned like it used to be earlier times. Everything has changed now, many people are going for wedding photography courses, in order to match the requirements of their clients and even to keep themselves updated with the new technology and techniques.

There is not only single type of photography for wedding. There are many types of photography that can be done on the wedding day. All of these are taught in the courses and the institutes make sure that they are able to enhance the capabilities of their students. On the other hands the students make sure to give their best and become more innovative in their ideas. Not only the photographers are hired for wedding day only but they are hired for other functions like mehendi function, haldi ceremony,reception etc. so wedding photography has now become a huge attractive and scope for those who are really interested in this business.

Following are the different types of wedding photography styles usually taught to people in their course:

  • Traditional wedding photography: in this type of photography you will usually taught about classic poses like group photographs of couple. This is the oldest style of photography being followed by photographers. In this photographers tend to be guide in directing in poses at wedding party.
  • Photojournalistic wedding photography: another very popular style of wedding photography is photojournalistic. Even is very good style for beginners as well. It is mixture traditional, documentary and reportage shooting. A lot of creativity is required for this style wedding photography that results in real images which are full of emotions.
  • Illustrative wedding photography: in this type of photography mainly it emphasis on the lighting, composition and background of the photograph. In the style of photography, the couple was asked to pose candidly. It is an interesting blend of photojournalistic and traditional wedding photography. Landscape photography and aerial photography are also included in this.
  • Portrait wedding photography: this type of photography yields one of the most beautiful pictures. It is usually the formal photography in which the couple is asked to just pose while looking into camera. The images clicked here are the pictures with most of the natural emotions. The key moments of this photography are when both bride and groom are dressed up.
  • Natural wedding photography: in this type of photography usually pictures are taken in natural light rather than that of camera light. For this type of photography, it is recommended to go for bright and wide aperture kind of lenses for best shots.

Wedding photography classes teaches all the above given styles of photography.

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