Are Online Calculators actually helpful?

Are Online Calculators actually helpful?

Most recently, online education has become an extremely vital source of acquiring education and increasing knowledge. Online educational websites and online tools have been developed to help students get a very efficient mode of education.

In these online tools, online calculators make up a big part. Now if you do not know what online calculators are. They are basically like your ordinary calculator but in an advanced form. They are capable of doing much more complex and complicated problems and they have pre-installed formulae present within them which your regular scientific calculator might not have.

Whether online calculators or online education, in general, is helpful or not has been a debate going on for long now. Parents tend to be worried regarding the way the internet is being used. And their concern can not be neglected.

Online calculators were developed with the sole purpose of making different complicated equations easier for students. There are times when you forget a certain formula or even when you think you are doing everything right in the solution, you do not end up with the right answer or more commonly, are not sure if your answer is correct or not. Keeping all these struggles and problems of students in view, online calculators were developed for not only mathematics but physics, chemistry, marketing and so much more. Hence, Yes. These calculators surely help in making the calculation process easier and faster.

However, the only drawback observed is how students entirely rely on these calculators. Remember, these calculators are just to HELP the students and not to replace them completely. Hence, students must use them and get guidance from them responsibly.


Math calculators have been present online for quite long now. These calculators are based upon the different topics in mathematics and help the students with the solution of problems that might seem too complex to be solved.
It can be one difficult job to find the best calculators online if you have a long list of available ones. Moreover, you can not trust every calculator with the way it solves the question or with the answer and we have made the job much easier for you.
Some of the best ones present over the internet have been listed below.


This is a website that contains multiple calculators. You can find physics, chemistry, math, weather, marketing calculators and so much more here. The best thing about the calculators presents here is how they contain a proper guide. The guide contains some information regarding the topic upon which the calculator is based, the formulae used, and with that, the appropriate unit along with the explanation of how the final unit was derived.
This is a real helper for the students. It is fast, efficient, accurate, and does not cost even a single penny.

Talking specifically about the topics in maths upon which the calculators are based, these include Geometric mean/progression, arithmetic mean, algebra, HCF, number conversions, and numerous more.

2- SpeedCrunch:

If you are not sure what mistake you are making in the solution of the problem which makes you end up with the wrong answer, then speedCrunch is your go-to calculator. SpeedCrunch is a step-by-step math problem solver. It has a keyboard driver outlook on it. The customizable syntax highlighting is a feature of this tool which makes it very easy for you to spot your mistakes.
It has around 80 pre-installed mathematical functions present in it. You are even able to save the results of your calculations. Moreover, it provides all these results JUST for FREE.

3- Mathway:

Mathway is one popular calculator known to have solved around billions of problems. This calculator is considered to be the BEST one available online for problem-solving. It is not only the perfect assistance to the students but also the teachers.

It provides you assistance with basic maths, algebra, trigonometry, precalculus, calculus, Finite math, statistics, etc. Mathway is considered to be a tool that is said to only get better over the years and provide you with several different features as the years pass.

4- SymboLab Solver:

SymboLab Solver is known to contain advanced math solving strategies and techniques. It covers mathematics topics from both middle school and also to the college level. symboLab Solver is again, a step-by-step problem solver which makes it extremely easy for you to detect any kind of errors that might be present in your solution and might be the reason why you are not getting the right answer.

SymboLab Solver allows you not only to learn and practice different mathematics problems but also to get in touch with new math topics through the use of scientific notations. symboLab has learning algorithms to get a better understanding of the nature of the question or problem. Since the nature of the query is understood through advanced strategies, therefore, this tool is said to be a great one to get maximum accuracy in your solutions.
This tool is said to make maths the simplest for the students who struggle with it.

5- PhotoMath:

Do you think typing a long extensive problem into the question will consume a lot of your time? Well, thank the technology because it has a solution to that as well. Through the use of photomath, do the most accurate computations and calculations most easily.

To use this tool, you do not even have to type the query in your calculator. What you have to do is simply point your camera towards the question and capture a picture. The picture has to be put into the calculator and through that picture, you can get the answer to your problem in just some seconds.

Another commendable thing about this calculator is that it again provides you with a step to step solution. This calculator is compatible with arithmetics, quadratic equations, logarithms, exponential functions, integrals and derivatives, quadratic inequations, linear equations, and inequations and so much more.

This is also a very helpful tool if an individual wants to check the solved problem of a student or parents want to do that for their children.

6- Cymath:

It would be unfair to skip mathway out of the list because of how good the calculator is and definitely because of the features that it has to offer. Although this tool is for free, you can get some additional features to it through payment. It is a big assistance for high school students and covers a good variety of algebraic problems.
However, cymath plus which is the paid version of this tool offers you features much more advanced and with topics which the ordinary tool might not provide you with. Equation solving, logarithms, trigonometry, partial fractions, etc. have never been this easier before. You can get the step to step solutions of your query through the use of this tool.

Moreover, it also covers topics such as chain rule, U-substitution, Integration by parts and so much more for the college students.

Another very commendable thing is the outlook of this tool. It has a very easy to use and simple preface and it is all well-sorted out. You can do the most complicated problems in just a couple of seconds without any hurdles.

7- SageMath:

This tool is compatible with windows, macOS, Linux and Web. This calculator covers a wide variety of topics. These topics include different versions of algebra, prealgebra, calculus, cryptography, exact linear algebra, and numerous more topics. SageMath is made out of around 100 open-source packages. The best part about this calculator is the outlook that it has to it which is a very well-organized and sorted out interface.

Various software packages are combined into this one tool. Hence, you get a combination of different features right at one point and one place. So you get pretty much everything that you require in one package and on one spot. This is literally your go-to tool for every kind of feature that you want to get or avail. With this, you get variations without going to different websites.

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