Demand for History Majors – A Career Guide

A Career Guide and Demand for History Majors

When an individual decides to enroll in an acting course as a career choice, he knows what he is most likely to become in the future. But many subjects don’t give you a clear idea about your job goals, or you let the time decide about the upcoming steps. History falls into the category of such disciplines. 

Despite being head over heels in love with history, many students are forced to do majors in a different field because they assume that majors in history won’t lead to a fulfilling career. Well, they would not make such a blunder only if they were well-versed about the overwhelming scope of history. 

There are numerous industries and fraternities that value history majors. Some of the professions are as prestigious as you can venture to imagine. Stay calm and keep reading to explore the occupations for history majors around the world:  


Human history dates back to millions of years. As an anthropologist, you will have to unearth the cultural, biological, and linguistic bits and pieces about a particular human civilization. If this very thought of drilling down the lifestyle of our ancestors amuses you, then history majors are surely your piece of cake.  

Anthropologists serve in multiple institutions and live a privileged lifestyle. Talking about the academic scope, an anthropologist can write grading papers based on his elaborative research, conduct lectures, and compose articles. 

Businesses also heavily rely on anthropologists when they increase their footprint to distant geographical locations. Apart from that, the government and non-government sectors hire the services of anthropologists for a variety of projects. 

By now, you must have concluded that you can’t excel as an anthropologist if history does not happen to be your stronghold. Hence, a history degree will just correctly set the tone for your career.      


A history degree has excellent utilization in the legal profession. That’s why a fair proportion of contemporary lawyers do masters in history. A lawyer tends to dive into the piles of historical data to consolidate their arguments. This skill also comes handy in finding out flaws in the evidence presented by the opposite lawyers and eventually winning cases.  

Whether you want to be immersed in the role of a prosecutor, defense attorney, or legal counsel, having a history degree by your side will make life a lot easier. According to well-crunched numbers, an accomplished lawyer earns more than 70000 dollars annually. So if you have a nag for legal nitty-gritty and these figures further fuel it, just go for history majors.      


The modern generation of consumers holds significant contempt for irrelevant marketing. As a result, companies have adopted the practice of personalized marketing. Since the success of customized marketing greatly hinges upon the proper accumulation and analysis of data, businesses have started to hire research analysts to take on this job. 

Getting to the bottom of information and compiling it in a comprehensive style will be a cakewalk for you if you excel in history. Depending on the area of your interest, you may also become an ideal candidate for a myriad of mediums like films, radio, newspapers, etc.e


Journalism is undoubtedly a gratifying profession. From sharing meals with high-profile personalities to earning a big fortune, a journalist can achieve tons of things down the road. At the same time, journalism demands you to be on top of the research work because single misguiding news could turn everything upside down. That’s where history majors can win the day for you. 

Being a history graduate, you would know how to trace precise sources of news. Besides, you can also evaluate the importance of current development by seeing it from a historical perspective. That way, your views will bear more weight, and all the top media entities will go out of their way to recruit you.  


The usage of social media became available right from the get-go. But gone are the days when it was merely exploited as an entertainment tool. Today, government institutions have to maintain a strong presence on social media. So be it a Twitter handle of a corporate brand or Facebook page of the government agency, a social media manager runs all of them. 

A social media manager involves a lot of things that overlap with the discipline of history. For example, this job requires strong research skills to distinguish fake news from the genuine ones. Being a social media manager, you will also have to draft quick and captivating responses to customer queries. You will nail both these parts because history majors will harness your communication as well as research skills to the point of perfection.  


Politics has been an indispensable part of human history for several centuries. Unlike what many people assume, politics is not entirely the territory of politicians. There are many other people behind the scene who work hand-in-glove with politicians that play an equally important role during the elections. We know them as political campaign managers. This job is rewarding in every respect.  

Political campaign managers must cultivate a strong understanding of history. Because it enables them to understand people’s psyche behind voting decisions, for example, if an event takes place, a politician can use it to gain public sympathies with the help of his political campaigner manager. As we live in a world of propaganda, this role enjoys unprecedented popularity. 


After reading this piece of writing, we hope to answer all your questions regarding the scope of history majors so that you can step in this field fearlessly. Someone with a strong foundation of history is perhaps the most sought-after person in the modern world. Grasp as much knowledge as you can and explore the world of infinite demand for your field specialists.

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